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Why is Yangjiang Knife and Scissors so famous? Famous Chinese kitchen knife brand

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Why is Yangjiang called the "Capital of Chinese Knives and Scissors"? Moreover, it is marketed in over 100 countries and regions across Asia, Europe, the United States, Africa, and other continents? Is it because it is sharp and durable? Or is it exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics-- All of this stems from the inheritance and innovation of Yangjiang Knife and Scissor Culture.

More than 1400 years ago, in 557 AD, the national hero Lady Xian stationed troops in Liangyang and made weapons in the Yangjiang area. According to the Qing Dynasty's "Feng Family Genealogy", "The 82 point goose eyebrow brocade large sword used in the tomb of General Feng's army was included in the tomb. General Feng, also known as Lady Xian's grandson Feng Ang, served as a Song Kangling and was buried in Beishan, Yangjiang City. This "Goose Eyebrow Xuan Brocade Big Knife" is commonly known as the "Big Killing Knife" in Yangjiang. Afterwards, the knife making process spread to the people and produced various civilian knives, laying a long foundation for the knife making industry in Yangjiang.

In the early Qing Dynasty, a large-scale knife making workshop was formed in Yangjiang County, with its production location located in the current Iron Lane in Jiangcheng District, Yangjiang City. The representative work at this time was the "civil and military knife" made by blacksmith He Chuanli, which had a sharp blade and could cut both meat and bones. At that time, famous domestic restaurants all made kitchen knives at He Chuanli's workshop. In the 1930s, Liang Jifu created a unique "Jifu Knife". Changji, the county town, is a professional shop that produces and sells knives. During this period, the knives were sharp, beautiful, and durable, so they won awards in the national knife competition and were sent to the World Expo for exhibition. Since then, Yangjiang Knife has become famous both domestically and internationally.

After years of development, there are more than 1500 hardware knife and shear enterprises in Yangjiang, accounting for more than half of the total number in China. The production of daily hardware knife and shear accounts for 60% to 70% of the country, and exports account for 80% to 85% of the country. Our products are exported to over 100 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. Yangjiang has become China's largest production and export base for knives and scissors. Becoming an important pillar and advantageous industry in Yangjiang industry. Therefore, Yangjiang is known as the "Capital of Chinese Knives and Scissors". Yangjiang Knife and Scissors are renowned both domestically and internationally for their sharpness, aesthetics, and durability, with the emergence of traditional well-known brands such as Shibazi, Yinying, and Yongguang. Moreover, in recent years, the internet has given birth to a group of high-quality cutting and cutting trendy brands such as "clever daughter-in-law", "folding shadow", and "Meilong Meili", which are highly popular among the public.

Yangjiang Knife and Scissors has become a hardware knife and scissor industry that integrates kitchen knives, scissors, small knives, sets of knives, as well as special steel, ceramics, silicone, plastic, electroplating, and mechanical equipment production that are matched with knife and scissor production. This further enhances the popularity of "Yangjiang Knife and Scissors" and effectively enhances the competitiveness of Yangjiang Knife and Scissors products in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, the "China Kitchen Knife Center, China Scissors Center, and China Knife Center" have all settled in Yangjiang.

In 1998, the "Chinese Kitchen Knife Center" settled in the Shibazi Group in Yangjiang City.

In 1999, the "China Scissors Center" settled in Guangdong Yinying Group Company.

In 2002, the "China Knife Center" settled in Yangjiang Yongguang Knife and Scissor Group Co., Ltd.

In November 2001, the China Productivity Promotion Center and the China Daily Hardware Industry Productivity Promotion Center awarded Yangjiang City as the "City of Chinese Knives and Scissors". In June 2002, Yangjiang City successfully held the first China (Yangjiang) International Knife and Scissor Expo in China (Yangjiang) Tool City. Since then, Yangjiang has held an International Knife and Scissors Expo every year at China Knife City, gathering merchants from all over the world, attracting a large number of well-known brands from both domestic and international markets to showcase and sell. It has become a sales exhibition center for hardware knife and scissor products in China and even the world, a platform for information exchange and enterprise cooperation, and has overall improved the domestic and international image of Yangjiang's knife and scissor industry, making Yangjiang famous and becoming a recognized knife and scissor capital worldwide.




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